NoName Bar – Where Fusion is Everything

NoName Bar definitively has a great concept. Located in the heart of el barrio de Salamanca, Madrid, it mixes the traditional Japanese cuisine with the American one. It definitely sounds weird, at least to me. Nonetheless, it is worth trying out. The menu goes from hot dogs and burgers to sashimi and bao buns (definitelyContinue reading “NoName Bar – Where Fusion is Everything”

L’Entrecôte Café de Paris – Probably the most overrated place?

Yes, I decided to start with this disputed place. And yes, I had the same issues probably everyone has faced when going to the famous L’Entrecote Café de Paris. The truth is that it is overrated. The concept of the restaurant is the same all around the different locations in Madrid: You order the famousContinue reading “L’Entrecôte Café de Paris – Probably the most overrated place?”