Food For Starter is a personal space, where I share my love for the cuisine. It all started with the passion for cooking at home. My father always used to surprise us with the most delicious and unique dishes. During all this time he has been sharing to me the best-kept secrets to make the most mouth-watering recipes. I am happy to share these secrets with you.

If you also love to eat and to experience new flavors, this is your space. You can find from quick and easy recipes, to some reviews of my favorite restaurants.


“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”

Paul prudhomme


Noodles, sushi or maybe tikka masala? Have a look at the asian section. Here you will find easy and fun dishes perfect for any occasion.


Probably the best meal of the day. Sweet or savory? Whichever you fancy more. In this section you will find pancakes, bowls, avocado toasts and much more.


Find from fresh salads to typical Spanish dishes. This section is full of nutritive and healthy foods. All of them have their own personalized twist.


I believe a food website cannot be complete without its own vegetarian section. Me personally am not a full vegetarian but I LOVE vegetables and meat-less food.